Need of Cloud Computing

In previous post we have learnt about what is Cloud Computing? Now, we look at what is the need of Cloud Computing? We need to understand about all below mentioned points to understand about what is the need of Cloud Computing?

        • Flexibility
        • Disaster-Recovery
        • Automatic Software update
        • No large up-front investment
        • Increased Collaboration
        • Working from anywhere
        • Document Control
        • Security
        • Competitiveness
        • Environment Friendly


Cloud Computing is very flexible compare to legacy system configuration. Because scale up & down according to our business. We only pay for actual resources we used however in transnational on scale system we have to load and manage all by ourselves. It comes as the cost.


With a legacy servers, we have to maintain a full backup of the system where we can get back to the business as usual. As per this feature of cloud computing we don’t even think about backup & recovery. We no need to invest large amount of money for maintaining Disaster & Recovery.

Automatic Software Update:

We no need to pay a single penny for software update of cloud computing. As your services or servers of consumers are automatically updated. All we need to do it take care of our business.

No-large upfront investment:

With the advancement of Cloud Computing & Platform there is no initial fee or initial amount at he first step. We are allowed to choose resources we need  & we will only pay the resources which we consume.

Increased Collaboration:

This is the another great feature of Cloud Computing, because no of resources will work on the same project and process. If any changes made by some one else and has also have the visibility of resources working on a project.

Working from anywhere:

All we need as active internet connection so that we can access our resources from anywhere in the world. Where this will be not easy with traditional server maintenance.

Document Control:

Document control will be an another problem which has with non-cloud computing. By cloud computing document changes tracking will be easy with each and every change.


This is the another concern to move to cloud because if we lost the laptop or hard drive, we will loose our business. With the extensive security measurements of cloud computing, we no need to worry about our data.


This is an important feature of digital, outside competition, cloud gives us the opportunity to collaboration with the other companies to make our business better.

Environment Friendly:

Environment must be top concern for any business. A business must be profitable to survive however money is not everything. With scaling and on-demand features of cloud computing we only fire or a system as on when we needed.

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