Docker Hub vs Docker Desktop Vs Docker Enterprise

Objective of this article is to explain about Docker Desktop which is also known as Docker for Windows or Mac, Docker Enterprise and Docker Hub.

What is Docker Desktop?

Docker Desktop is also known as Docker for Windows/Mac. Docker desktop is the Community Edition(CE) of Docker and it’s designed to run on Windows 10 & Mac OS. Docker desktop provides an Easy-to-use development environment for building, shipping and running Docker containers. For more information about how to setup Docker Desktop, Click Here

Note: Docker desktop or Docker for windows will not compatible on below Windows-10 version. It may cause problems while installing or running containers in prior windows-10 version. So, make sure you are using Windows-10 version.

What is Docker Enterprise?

Docker Enterprise is the Enterprise Edition(EE) of Docker and it’s designed to run on Windows & Linux OS. Docker Enterprise Edition is paid and good to use when we are using multi-OS, multi-Linux or multi-cloud environments.

As per official Docker blog, Docker Enterprise Edition (EE) is the only platform that manages and secures applications on Kubernetes(K8s) in multi-Linux, multi-OS and multi-cloud customer environments. As a complete platform that integrates and scales with your organization, Docker Enterprise Edition gives you the most flexibility and choice over the types of applications supported, general used, and where it’s deployed.

What is Docker hub?

Docker hub is nothing like a app store/market place of docker container images. Docker hub is also known as Cloud-based application registry and development team collaboration services. We can access docker hub by using the below URL.


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