OpenShift by Red Hat acquired by IBM


Red Hat OpenShift is Kubernetes (K8s) platform that provides trusted foundation on premises, hybrid and multi cloud deployments with automated operations and streamlined life cycle management. Red hat OpenShift empowers the development teams to build and deploy their applications and helps operations team to provision, manage and scale in K8s application platform.


OpenShift originally came from Red Hat’s acquisition of Makara – a corporation with a proprietary PaaS solution supported Linux containers. despite the fact that OpenShift was announced in May 2011, it had been proprietary technology and didn’t become open-source until May of 2012.
On October 28, 2018, IBM announced its intent to acquire Red Hat for $34 billion. The acquisition closed on July 9, 2019. Red Hat’s lead financial adviser in the transaction was Guggenheim Securities.

Introduction to OpenShift by Red Hat

Introduction to Container Orchestration technology

OpenShift Architecture

Openshift Setup Options

OpenShift developer setup with Minishift

OpenShift oc is not recognized as an internal or external command

REST API to get Projects from CLI

VirtualBox can not run when Hyper-V is installed


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