Cloud Foundry – CF CLI

The way how we use Command Line Interface – CLI for Angular, React and other technologies, we have CLI for Pivotal Cloud Foundry also. In this article we will learn how to download Cloud Foundry (CF) CLI and install. We will also look at the list CF commands available. If you have not yet registered an account with PCF, please do by clicking on below link. It’s completely free, no need to register any debit/credit cards or to pay a single penny for it. But, required an email account and mobile number to validate account with PCF.

PCF Registration

Now, we download CF CLI from pivotal portal. You can use below link to navigate to official  Pivotal’s portal and choose the one which will be suitable for your OS from a drop-down option. By default Windows 64 bit CLI is pointing.

Download CF CLI

Follow the below steps to install CF CLI. You will get the below screen as on when you run CF installer.

Click on Next to move further installation process.

Browse the PATH where do you want to install and click on Next to move on… By default will be pointed to C drive current logged in user account.

Now, CF CLI installation setup is ready. Just press on Install button to complete the installation.

Done, you have successfully completed the CF CLI installation.

To know it has been successfully installed or not? open CF CLI and execute the command of CF. You will see the list of commands show in CLI along with the CF Version details.