Laptop RAM upgrade issue

The objective of current post to share the problem which I have faced after upgrading RAM from 8 GB to 16 GB in my Lenovo laptop. I recently upgraded my system RAM size from 8 GB to 16 GB and started facing lot’s of troubles even it has been upgraded with the help of authorized laptop service professionals.


  1. System is showing the blur lines on blue screen within few minutes of after starting the laptop.
  2. System not at all booting (not even showing the vendor name while starting)

Blur lines on blue screen:

As shown in the previous video, that’s how my laptop was troubling me after updating the RAM size from 8 GB to 16 GB. Since I can’t take any action on that screen, I did force shutdown of my laptop and starting facing the other problem of not even booting after that.

System not booting:

After getting the problem of showing in previous video, I did force/hard shutdown of my laptop, then system is stopped booting at all. It’s not even showing the vendor name.


If you are facing exactly similar problem with your laptop, I would like to suggest you to interchange each RAM into each other slots. This is the solution finally solved my problem. If still you have the same problem, follow the below steps.

Further Analysis:

  1. Keep only your old RAM and remove the new RAM which you placed recently.
  2. Still there is a chance of getting the same problem with your old RAM if you didn’t place into correct slot. If you get the same problem, change into another RAM slot available(Any laptop, minimum should have 2 slots). So now your system is as it is like before RAM upgrade and it should work like previously.
  3. Now, insert new RAM into another slot available. It should work properly.

Note: If still you are facing the problem, the RAM which you placed newly is not compatible for your system.


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