Docker Kitematic installation


The objective of this article to understand Docker Kitematic. Kitematic is a graphical tool that will help to manage docker containers without using Command Line Interface (CLI).
Docker Kitematic will play major role in Docker administrator work as part of the download, run and administer Docker Containers. Since this tool provides UI to maintain Docker containers, there is no need for using Command Line Interface.
Docker Kitematic installation is very easy to do in Windows. Follow the below steps to install Docker Kitematic in your system.
Step 1: Make sure your docker is running. And right-click on the docker icon symbol to choose the Kitematic option. Look at the below image for reference.
Step 2: As on when we click on Kitematic as shown in the above image, it will point to an alert box with the Download button along with the path where do we need to extract Kitematic files into. Look at the below snapshot.

C:\Program Files\Docker\Kitematic

Note: If you have installed your docker other than C:\Program Files, you can place Kitematic unzipped directory under the path of docker installed.
Step 3: Now repeat the first step again, it should take you to the Kitematic login/dashboard page. If you have any problem with starting Kitematic, just restart the docker once and repeat the same.
Note: As shown in the below image, you may get the problem while starting the Kitematic. If you are getting a similar screen, that means you are trying to start Kitematic before Docker getting started. Please wait until Docker is getting started and then try to start Kitematic.

Kitematic Login Page: Kitematic also uses the same Docker login credentials. If you already logged into Docker, this step may not be shown to you and it can take you directly into the Kitematic dashboard which shown in the next image.

Kitematic Dashboard:

Docker Kitematic installation is successfully completed. Thanks for visiting. Happy Learning…. 🙂

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