Install Docker Desktop in Windows

We need to get registered with the Docker hub to install Docker on Windows. Remember Docker for windows is also known as Docker Desktop which is specially designed to run on Windows 10 environment. Docker for windows will come up with the Community Edition (CE) which is absolutely free to use.

Docker for windows will have the advantages like ease-to-use in development for building, shipping and running Docker containers.

Use the below URL to navigate to sign up page or click on this link Docker Hub.

The below is the Docker hub sing up form, fill all the mandatory fields highlighted in the snapshot.

Click on the Continue button to navigate to further in the Docker hub account setup. You will be pointed to the Personal details page to fill, first name, last name, and etc information. If you are interested fill the details and save otherwise ignore.

You might have got a Docker hub registration email to your registered email id. Check and click on Confirm your Email With Docker link to confirm your account. This link will be valid 2 days from the day when you get the email to complete your docker registration.

Once you click on the activation link, the page will automatically be redirected to the sign-in page. Look at the below snapshot and enter the valid credentials to sign-in to the Docker hub.

Once you authenticated successfully, you will be navigated to the Docker Hub home page. Look at the below snapshot,

Now click on the Get started with Docker Desktop button as highlighted in above snapshot. You will get see the screen like below snapshot.

In the above screen observe Docker Desktop is offering in two different Operating Systems. One for Windows and another is Mac. Click on depending on the OS which you are using out of these two. I choose the highlighted button because this post is about Docker installation in Windows. Then the actual Docker for windows software will get start downloading.

Double click on downloaded EXE file to start the installation process and click on Yes to install the software in windows alert(It’s depending on OS, may or may not be shown). Then you can a popup like below snapshot.

Once it will complete downloading the packages, it will be shown the Configuration screen looks like below.

As shown on the above page, you can choose the configuration you need to use Windows container or Linux containers. If you want to use Windows containers, select the second checkbox otherwise deselect and click on the Ok button.
Then you can observe unpacking the docker packages. Look like below screen, this will take a while to complete the process…

Once unpacking is done, you can see the screen as below.

So, Docker desktop installation is successfully completed in Windows.

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