What is platform and why we need PaaS?

What is Platform?

A platform is nothing but anything you can leverage to accomplish a task in a simpler/better way. As a programmer or developer we can take advantage of using existing code instead of writing from scratch. The most well known software platforms for Desktop applications are Windows, Mac OS. Even we can say some other examples to these explanation is Unix, Linux and Android, iOS etc.

A Computing platform or Digital platform is the environment in which a peace of software is executed.

Why we need PaaS?

In traditional IT decade, we have to manage everything that is like applications, OS, Servers, etc. So, we have to hire System Engineer to take care of our system and motor 24/7 of a week.

With the improved technology, we no need to worry about taking care of above all parts. There are some parts which are taken care by the service provider. Look at below image,

As per the above image, Virtualization, Servers, Storage and Networking are taken care by the Service providers. These kind of platforms are called as Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and delivers to us by Amazon or Redshift.

With the Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), we no need to worry about taking care of Software or Hardware. Those all taken care by service providers. All we need to do is develop our applications and services on top it. Lets look at below image,

Differences between Traditional IT, IaaS and PaaS:

Goals of Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS):

The ultimate goal of a PaaS is to make it easier for you to run your website or web application no matter how much traffic it get’s. It’s all about giving responsibility to run our applications and services properly with minimum downtime and issues.

We just deploy our application and service figures out what to do with it. Providers give us the guarantee that we can deploy our application without any problems. PaaS should handle scaling seamlessly for us so we can just focus on our application and code running it. We no need to worry about underlying details like, OS, CPU,etc which are taken care by platform.

PaaS Providers:

There are no of service providers available in now a day cloud market. Out of these, we can say the below few are biggest cloud service providers.


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