Create Service Instance in PCF

In this post we will look at how to create a service instance in PCF from command line interface. As part of creating service instance we need to use the below 3 commands, which has it’s own specific use,

cf marketplace

cf create-service

cf services

cf marketplace command shows you list of services available in Cloud Foundry marketplace.

cf create-service command will be used to create new service. As part of this command we need to pass what service and what type of plan we are taking along with service service. Below is the example,

cf create-service mongolab sandbox mongoservice

As per the above command,

mongolab is the service instance which I am trying to create

sandbox is one of the basic plan which I am applying for mongolab

mongoservice is my service name

Finally, cf service to know all services which are bind with your application.

What are Spaces, Organizations and Roles?

The below diagram illustrates about the Spaces, Organizations and Roles in Cloud Foundry.

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